Adverse Credit Mortgages

Missed Payments? Bad Credit? Defaults? CCJ's? IVA's? Bankruptcy?

It is still be possible to get a mortgage with a bad credit history, but your choices may be limited.

When assessing you for a mortgage, lenders will carry out various checks. Information held about you with credit reference agencies can impact the decision to lend, however, not all issues are viewed in the same way.

Some lenders are able to take a 'common-sense' approach to lending, and will assess the reason for the bad credit. For example, you may have suffered ill health, bereavement, or difficult life event. With this in mind, some lenders will consider each an application individually without relying only on computer automated credit scoring.

We have been helping clients with minor to major credit problems for many years. We have relationships with many specialist lenders who have been able to assist those who felt a mortgage was impossible.

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